Dangers of Excess Fasting Insulin

The public is largely aware of the dangers of high blood sugar. A related condition that often goes undiagnosed is elevated fasting insulin. Long before blood sugar rises, levels of the hormone insulin can be dangerously high. Elevated fasting insulin is linked to a number of health problems including cancer, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis. 

Insulin is a hormone made and secreted by the pancreas. It regulates carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism. For many people, as they age, and gain weight and fat mass, the body stops responding to insulin as well as it should as cells become resistant to the effects of insulin, blood glucose levels rise, along with risk for Type II diabetes.

Treating--or even better, preventing--high fasting insulin levels is vital. It is not routine for doctors to screen for fasting insulin levels. So, make sure to ask your doctor your levels so that you can maintain optimal health.

Some ways to negate the effects of insulin resistance include: exercise, improved diet (less simple carbs and sugars), and supplements like berberine, chromium, and cinnamon. Together these interventions can help get high fasting insulin levels under control and prevent the downward spiral into chronic disease, with which they are associated.

Source: Life Extension, May 2019

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