What is Epigenetics?

What you EAT, where you LIVE, who you INTERACT with, when you SLEEP, how you EXERCISE, even AGING--all of these can eventually cause chemical modifications around the genes that will turn those genes on or off over time. Additionally, in certain diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s, various genes will be switched into the opposite state, away from normal/healthy state.

Those chemical modifications around the genes that turn them off or on is called Epigenetics. Known drivers behind epigenetic processes include heavy metals, pesticides, diesel exhaust, tobacco smoke, flame retardants, hormone disruptors, pharmaceuticals, radioactivity, viruses, bacteria, and basic nutrients.

Sufficient sleep and regular exercise can favorably change epigenetics. What goes into your mouth determines about 80 percent of your health profile. Some people have “better genes” than others, but all of us are at risk of pushing our genes in the wrong direction if we persistently ingest unnatural chemicals.

Choose the cleanest food and water possible every day. Don’t think of making healthy food choices from a perspective “deprivation.” Instead, make a commitment to self-care that is gentle, authentic, and consistent.  In addition, some supplements that amplify our detoxification capacity include Vitamin C, NAC, and liquid multimineral supplements.

Source: Better Nutrition, January 2019


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