The Science of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is simply the fermentation of apple juice. The type of ACV that provides the most medicinal benefit contains the “mother.” The “mother” is the brown particles of sediment that you can see at the bottom of the bottle. This “mother” is composed of flavonoids and other phenolic compounds, enzymes, trace minerals and various by products created from fermentation.

Although a weak acid, ACV promotes alkalinity in the body. So, many people use ACV for balancing pH levels.

Recent scientific investigations show ACV exerts several mechanisms helpful in improving carbohydrate metabolism. For example, it has been shown to delay gastric emptying in healthy subjects and those with diabetes. Delaying gastric emptying helps slow down the absorption of glucose, giving the body a chance to process it more effectively and avoiding spikes in blood sugar levels. ACV also has the ability to increase the uptake of glucose throughout the body, but particularly in skeletal muscle. This improvement is via improving insulin action. This effect may also be helpful in promoting weight loss.

In one double-blind study, subjects were randomly assigned to three groups of similar body weight, BMI and waist circumference. During the 12-week treatment period, the subjects in each group ingested a beverage containing either one tablespoon ACV, 2 tablespoons ACV, or a placebo. Body weight, BMI, visceral fat area, waist circumference and triglyceride levels were significantly lower in both vinegar intake groups than in the placebo group. There was an average weight loss of two to four pounds in the subjects taking the vinegar.

In an animal study, the beneficial effects of ACV supplementation on serum triglycerides, total cholesterol, liver and kidney membrane lipid peroxidation, and antioxidant levels were studied in mice fed a high cholesterol diet. Results showed quite clearly that ACV not only lowers blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, it also exerted a protective effect against red blood cell, kidney and liver oxidative injury. It was able to produce these effects by exerting direct antioxidant effects, as well as increasing the levels of antioxidant enzymes.

Until recently, the benefits of ACV were only available in liquid form, with the preferred brand Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. Now, Enzymedica has developed a capsule form that includes the “mother” and it’s currently the only available of its type on the market. So, if you have always given the excuse that ACV doesn’t taste good to you, now you have an option to get it in capsule form.

Source: Vitamin Retailer, December 2017

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