Bacteriophage and Prebiotics?

A bacteriophage, or simply phage, is a microscopic protein that reacts to specific bacteria in the gut. That reaction with specific bacteria creates nutrients, known as prebiotics, that beneficial bacteria can consume. Prebiotics use beneficial bacteria to create an abundance of beneficial bacteria that can help maintain optimal digestive and immune health.

Bacteriophages are everywhere. They are in our food, water we drink and even on and in our bodies. Phages are the most abundant, naturally occurring organisms on earth and have been safely used for more than 90 years in the food supply.

Trillions of microorganisms are competing for space and nutrients in your digestive tract. Harmful bacteria are fighting against the beneficial bacteria for their place in your gut. If the bad bacteria when the battle, the result is digestive discomfort and a weakened immune system. Therefore, it’s important for beneficial bacteria to be strong enough to fight harmful bacteria to achieve proper intestinal balance and optimal health.

Aggressive strains of unwanted bacteria can sometimes outgrow and consume more resources than beneficial bacteria. Even a short course of antibiotics OR stress, anxiety and depression can decimate the healthy gut bacteria that strengthen immunity, fire up metabolism, and improve mood. Without a thriving population of these bugs, the body is vulnerable to future infections—but it can take months to replenish the trillions of bacteria needed to optimize health. Fortunately, bacteriophages can help speed things along. These unique cellular organisms replicate good bacteria’s DNA, quickly increasing levels of healthy bugs. In one study, subjects given bacteriophages saw a 100-fold increase in probiotic levels and a decrease in bad bacteria after 24 hours.

A prebiotic I recommend is Floraphage by Arthur Andrew. The prebiotic qualities of Floraphage are not fiber or starch-based so it does not cause gas like other prebiotics. Other benefits include:

Works when taken in small doses within hours

Functions in both the small and large intestines

Promotes optimal digestive and immune health

Withstands varying gut environments

Works with probiotic supplements and/or naturally occurring probiotics


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